Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Minigore New Year's Episode submitted!

Episode 3.5 has been submitted for App Store approval!

-Gangster Gore: a more sinister side to John Gore... what dark secrets lie in our hero's past?

-New guest stars: not only do Lizzy and Ninja Man from Sway make an appearance, but the Zombieville guy from Zombieville USA sets foot in Hardland, as well.

-Dual wielding: see what kind of havoc you can wreak with double grenade launchers! Or double shotguns!

-Kid Gore redux: re-done Kid Gore complete with new voice. To thank you all for the support, Gangster Gore is now included in for free for everyone who purchased or will purchase Kid Gore.

-OpenFeint 2.4: much improved user interface, location awareness and lots more


  1. first :p

    bring on ep4 :)

  2. Darn you beat me :)

  3. Woot! Omg, than you guys for making the best game ever!

  4. Haha I saw the icon first on the blog before it got updated:) Ganster Gore is beast Im glad i got kid gore:D Good Job Mountain Sheep!


  5. "-Dual wielding: see what kind of havoc you can wreak with double grenade launchers! Or double shotguns!"

    Can you mix them?

    Oh and has anyone got sensei yet?


  6. TheChosenOne: Yep, you can dual wield a grenade launcher and a shotgun if you want.

  7. Oh my bad yeah I scrolled down and saw the second pic haha


  8. Timo are you going to have a good community forum... the current one... is horrible... to be honest... the topics are a bit useless and the community has no one and honestly its a really bad site and you don't even post either ;/

    Is the secret character Gangster Gore or someone else?

  9. I love the new banner
    It gives me an idea, maybe one of the maps could be like the forest but rainy and stormy?
    But that might cause problems with flamin furries and the torch... or would it?
    I would love to see that!

  10. Hold on, what happened to coop is it still here

  11. yes! pray for quick approval!


  13. @4x google
    calm down i dont have santa gore but with future updates you should get kills faster so stop whining
    if all your going to do is complain then dont buy this game in the first place

  14. celibrating public enimy comming out on dvd are you?

  15. @SirDarkened: I see what you mean. PlayHaven has the definite upside of directly integrating with the game. It is also in a constant flux and will improve quite a bit in the near future. I've already posted there a couple of times.

  16. Make characters easier to unlock

  17. The new characters are in the 1000-5000 kill range.

  18. The game is getting better and better! Keep up the good work! the grenade launcher rocks

  19. @4x Google you either spent $1-$2 on the best game in the app store you should be apreciative you got it for such a low price...... If you don't want the characters dont buy them but if you buy kid gore you get 2 brilliantly rendered characters for $1 and you get Santa for $1 come on its Santa, his voice acting alone is probably worth it anyway.... Realisticly if you want to unlock the characters, you just got to get the kills... If you play 5m a day you can unlock all the characters (Xmas gore and Sensei will take awhile though) The bottom line though is if you unlock all the characters they'll be like little trophies you can show off, when no one else has them you'll be glad you unlocked them..... The more I think about this, the more I realize your probably some lazy 13 year old kid that's never worked a day in your life.... Nothing in life is free the sooner you understand that, the better off you'll be.... Oh no you have to "work" to unlock characters.... That's about the lamest thing I've ever heard in my life.....

    MS can you please leave Xmas gore and sensei (and the other characters) the same because when I unlock both of those characters I want to rub it that aragant punks face and if you change them it'll get rid of the progress everybodys made and it'll remove exclusiveness and replayability - Thanks for listening

  20. Anybody got sensei?
    How close are you?
    What characters does everyone have unlocked?

  21. I got enviro-bear, but don't got Santa gore or sensei yet. Saving for ninja man and zombieville USA guy.


  22. I got evan hsu, jerry gore and enviro-bear, and am 16 000 kills into the 100 000 X-Mas Gore ^^.

    4x Google : about the paid characters, if you think one buck is too much for simple characters, then why do you want them ? If you think they're not worth one buck, then simply don't buy them. I fyou think they are, then a dollar isn't that much ;).

    (Personnally, I didn't buy them because I don't think paid characters are worth a buck , but I'm never going to complain about it. Plus, my iTunes account links to my father's credit card, so I have to tell him about everything I buy on the App Store, and explaining you wanna spend 2 dolls on three iPhone gaming characters doesn't do it that well ^^. Wait, did that sound like a 16 teenage idiot ? Beh, anyway.)

  23. Yes I got Sensei Evan. I posted pics of him on:

  24. Wow OzzY :D Respect! (Can I have your OpenFeint ID ? )

    Today I'm going to get X-Mas Gore (Got ~94,000K):)
    Love this game.
    And to 4xGoogle:

    Stop yelling :D It's easier to read if you write normal, and you also can post a normal comment, without any aggressive meaning. Then you'll see what we think of your idea.

  25. @Sine: I used OpenFeint very rarely so I'm not sure is the ID same as username but if it is then you should search for "ozzytheking".

  26. @OzzY: Got some special techniques to share? Can't believe you have 157840 highscore ! Place 6 in world o_O ? That's kind of strange :D

  27. Go MountainSheep!
    Is Arin Hanson going to be a playable character?
    I wouldn't mind paying 1$ or even 2$ to as him!

  28. I've heard the name but who is Arin hanson

  29. @Anon Arin Hanson is the guy that does john, jerrys etc. voices he's pretty much a beast

    @Ozzy dude you kick ass, congratlations on dominating almost everyone I've got 74968 Rank 12 but thats still far away from you hah

    Ive got all the characters except for sensei and im 11% in (111,000)


  30. Now that there's dual wielding, dual machineguns would be a cool add. Oh and how long does it usually take for apple to approve this?

  31. @Sine: Special techniques? Magician never reveals his secrets! :-) Just kidding, I didn't sit for couple of hours to reach this score, no I played for awhile and continued after some time and so on... I prefer playing this game for fun not for highscore (my lowest score is about 16000 - shame on me).

    @TheChosenOne: Thanks!

  32. Is there 2 player in this update?

  33. @kimmo
    my ipod is odd and i cannot get to community at all it gives me a white page actually therefore playhaven is fail ;)

    To give a good solution defender chronicles has a "community forum" button that takes you to safari and loads up their site and i feel that works a lot better than a blank page ;)

    please fix this because obviously it has npt been reported

  34. @loco coco 2 player is in episode 4, considering this is episode 3.5 Im sure youll be able to deduce the answer

  35. John Wants More GoreDecember 23, 2009 at 10:19 PM

    So will Hardgore be before or after Minigore?

    I also remember seeing this thing that Said "John Gore Found dead" on like a newspaper thing on some site and another thing that said "Pygmies falling from sky " or something, so I`m assuming Minigore is before? so nothing with John after?

    And any updates with a story?

  36. when is the estimated release date?????

  37. Thats a good question @John Wants More Gore...
    When we will see Hardgore? its before or after Minigore?
    Man, this game is awesome! bought kid gore and santa just to support, i dont think its a well spent money by looking only on the characters, but looking for support it is a lot better than donations, in my opinion! =D

    I think John Gore will be a "hero char" on Hardgore! heh!!! =D

  38. @John Wants More Gore "So will hardcore be befor or after minigore?" Well considering Minigores allready out you would have to assume it would come out afterward.

    If you were talking about the story line Hardgore is a TD game it's not a sequel.

  39. John gore isn't gonna die. I'm pretty sure I saw him in a picture of hardgore.

  40. @ anonymous
    when you say its fking out do you mean hardgore cause its not out

    also idracula is on the ps3 in the minis section of the playstation store i think its like 4euro
    im not sure about xbox though

  41. Hello!
    I have something to say about the game.
    Your game is really the best! But is not worth 1.000.000 killings to unlock other characters. I mean, the game torn itself a little repetitive. In fact, a lot! You should change that numbers.
    And if you talk about "episodes", something must happen in everyone. A good story would make it better! Even if it is like a comic. It has a lot of potencial!
    Merry Christmas!

  42. can timo and kimoexplain why enviro bear won't be able to duel weild as you said before? I mean he grows an extra arm to hold the torch already

  43. I agree with anonymous above, toss out reality..... Anyway Merry Christmas!

    I just got 252,020 in Minigore Rank 6:)


  44. Everyone John Gore did die.

    Remember everyone, this is really ironic but someone really did die so lets pay our respects

  45. I am now known as Luis LopezDecember 25, 2009 at 9:59 PM

    Lmao at Neonarg, but no thats not what I saw

  46. Hey it would be awsome to see a pigmie from pocket god and the doodler from doodle jump on the game and to see Jon gore in doodle jump and furries and guns in both pocket god and doodle jump:)

    I was thinking that for the doodler could shoot the bullets out of it's mouth and for upgrade guns the same thing(or tied up on his head;))
    please consult Lima sky and bolt creative about this couse those are my fav apps in the world!!!!!!


  47. can we have a notice on the top of this blog that sais in big red bold letters
    please. thanks

  48. This comment has been removed by the author.

  49. @TheChosenOne: OMG, you boosted your hi-score from 70K to 250K, and you overrun me. How did you managed to do it in such a short time???!!! I'll try to beat that. Wait to see my new hi-score!!!

  50. How do you even get above 50k in the first place? I barely got 20k... Any strategies you mind sharing?

  51. @SirDarkened: You CANNOT get HIGH score in one sitting.
    The best strategy is to play for awhile and then stop playing (of course quit the game cause you'll die if you stop playing and not close the game).
    Then after some time continue playing, and so on...
    It helps, really.

  52. Id recommend reading the guides in playhaven, those helped me alot....... Yeah I didnt get it in one sitting it was like the same game I was playing for like a week hah......

    Tips: When I play I always go in a counterclockwise motion around the map.... Dont ever blow up the crates unless your going to lose a life.... use the furry radar and shoot where your GOING TO BE.... when you go into beast mode dont start chaining all of the clovers together until your lvl 10, upgrade the shotgun AND the grenade launcher, because sometimes they change right before you get them and if you get a lvl 6 shotgun at 50k (true story) YOU WILL DIE....

    If you overplay the game and you keep going it'll just get you frustrated and pissed and it wont help you beat it.... Take breaks you can overplay and you will die.....

    Maybe i'll write a full review one day, but take these tips into consideration....

    Oh yeah PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE..... Oh yeah a little bit of luck goes along way also....

    @Ozzy I was kinda like in a trance when I got it, it was weird, but its as much about luck as it is about skill:).......(I think Im 23% into sensei (230,000) you dominated me at that haha) Good Luck!


  53. I finally got 28988 :D that might be not much but my second score is 16584 XD

  54. Do you turn the pads off?

  55. Here i finally got sensei

  56. ^oops
    here [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]

  57. Does anyone know if we'll still be able to keep santa after the update? I only just recently purchased him and I'll be kinda annoyed to have him disappear so soon. Thanks

  58. @Anon above: If the Santa is included in that update YES you'll be able to keep him. Your game data will only dissapear if you delete Minigore app before you install update (v 1.25).

    @Anon's (with Sensei Evan): LOL, this is not Bulletin Board (forum), you cannot use BB tags (such IMG, etc)... And BRAVO for unlocking Sensei (I unlocked him too a long time ago).

  59. @Ozzy: Why can't we see it in OF ? .. I believe that you got him .. but I don't see him in your profile oO

  60. zombie ville released an update and john gore is a playable character XD

  61. @Sine: I told you i don't have "continuous source of wireless internet" anywhere near me, but I have it 500m away from my house. Just this morning I went there to upload my new highscore (4 days of playing really paid off, now I'm 7th - I overruned you TheChosenOne), and you can see now Sensei Evan in my achievments. Cheers!

  62. Sorry I misspelled "overrun", LOL it's irregular verb! Sorry.

  63. Well update should be out today better get your internet on ;)


  65. @ sirdarkened

    how r u so sure that the update is going 2 be out today

  66. @rootboy he said the update should be out today he didn't say it would....

    @4x Google chill out and take off caps...... Don't go insulting people.... It's rude and it's not going to change anything..... Sensei is going to stay a 1,000,000.... Why? Because MS made the game and you didn't so chill out and if it's not worth it too you, don't unlock him....

    @Sine congratz :)

    @SirDarkened no I leave the pads on, my brother used to have them off, but when he turned trm on he got better scores sooo I leave mine on too....

    @Ozzy nice dude! You'll have to give me a couple days but don't worry I'll get cha :D


  67. Well I dunno about you, but I got 15 updates last night...

    It would make sense it would be out today

    Zombie Villes update was sent in a day earlier in fact... and it came out yesterday

  68. Guys its out. No joke minigore 1.25 is out


  70. Wow you weren't joking, it really is not there!

  71. =)
    I'm really pleased with the new Kid Gore.
    It's actually a kid! Keep 'em coming Mountain Sheep!
    Oh, and the new icon is nice since it isn't a seasonal icon.
    What I really want is bluetooth co-op.
    I have an hour long bus ride and everyone on my bus owns this game. It would make it sooooo much better.

  72. SWEET!!!!!
    so next up: multiplayer....

  73. sirdarkened u can predict the future its out lol

  74. O NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!
    i was playing as ninja, and i got beast mode and right when it ended, i got a big flash of white, then my ipod rebooted!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. Are Kid Gore and Gangster Gore supposed to be free?

  76. I told you it would come today... all you nonbelievers I can even call out the next updates release once they submit it ;)

  77. Uho theres a freeze bug game doesnt crash it just freezes

    Have more characters with special abilities because this is so freaking awesome

  78. That is wierd isnt ganster gore dlc why is it free? Oh well...

  79. You get Ganster Gore if you bought Kid Gore..... Dun dun dun duhhh.....
    Yeah Awesome!!!! ;)

    @4x Google Actually easier to read it without caps so why don't you grow up and chill out a little bit.....

  80. If you are in beast mode and items fall from the sky your ipod will freeze and then restart I have reproduced this glitch... FIX PLEASE

  81. I was on 34000 wen it freezed n the score didnt count :( please fix it

  82. @sirdarkened

    Thanks for the heads up! I found out he's got his own high score though. "Enviro bear's survival".

    This is a good idea. Maybe you guys could do someone with a perma grenade launcher (Zombieville guy or gangstergore perhaps?). It's kinda like a minigame within minigore lol.

  83. @rooteboy that sucks man I was at 15,000 with Envirobear trying to get like 4th place on leaderboard and mine froze as well :(.

    Add me on open feint SirDarkened

  84. Episode 3.5 is out!!!

  85. Give the new characters voices! The great lines is one main reason I play the game so not only do the new characters not have voices, they are already unlocked! Where is the motive to keep playing!?!

  86. Sweet beast mode for the new characters!

  87. Gotta thank MS for making the ending to the beast mode better
    its a slight difference but its that slight extra second that helps

  88. I've crashed too :( but when i was the beast mode for kid gore, 2 boxes fell out of the sky but it didnt make my ipod crash. What made me crash was when i got beast mode for ninja man and i rushed at a large group of furries. There was a flash of white and my ipod rebooted :O. And also, is it a bug that both Kid Gore and Gangstar Gore are both free? They both have hardland premium under their names and i didnt buy any characters but i can play both of them.

  89. Amazing game, great updates!!! Thank You so muuuuch!!!!

    Loving Uncle Jerry since last update, and now the Gangster Gore and improved Kid Gore!!!!

    A M A Z I N G !!!

  90. @Ricinator: Yes, Kid Gore and Gangster Gore being unlocked for the time being is unintentional. Consider it a free preview. :)

  91. @ sirdarkened
    ye it sucks ive never got a score as high as it and now i cant fully concentrate wen i play it cause i just want2 get dat score again :(

  92. you god damn fuckers, 3 days ago i unlocked sensei evan for 1 fuckin' million kills and now its gone and my kills are gone too. i spent days playing this shit just to get it. why didnt you just set the kills to the highest unlocked character every player had before the update!? i hate you all.

  93. forget preview lets have em for free for the people who have them

  94. watch the language kimmo and timmo you guys should implement a filter so that this unexcusable language doesnt keep showing up

  95. you dont understand i'm kinda pissed, do you?

  96. I love this game, bit I think there is a bug:
    I updated Minigore and without buying or locking I can play all new characters like Zombieville Guy, Lizzy, Ninja Man and I didn't have to pay for Gangster Gore and Kid Gore ...
    That's cool but I think thats not right ...

  97. Hey, I have the new update and I already bought Santa and Jeff Gore (I can't remeber his name, its 100 kills) but now It is making me rebuy them. I am kind of irrated at this and I dont want to spend more money rebuying them.

  98. @Anon: Whoa, losing a million kill character is not cool. It sounds like there is a bug or the save file was corrupted. It is possible that iTunes has backed up a good version of your save file which you can restore, especially if you haven't synced after losing the save file. Can you try that?

    @Henry: In-app purchases are like any other iTunes purchases. If you buy them once, you can re-download them for free at any time.

  99. Would u fix the rebooting bug we've been telling u that since the last couple of updates. And also I think u should make a samari sword as a weapon which would break when out of "ammo" and the ninja would have it as his main weapon unlimited "ammo" I don't know how u guys could do melée weapons but u should try. Wut do u guys all think

  100. @Anon: We have fixed a whole bunch of rebooting bugs since the last couple of episodes. Yours might be caused by a number of things, so it would really help if there is a crash log you can send to us.

    Mac OS X : ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/MobileDevice/
    Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Apple computer\Logs\CrashReporter/
    Windows Vista: C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Apple computer\Logs\CrashReporter/MobileDevice/

    The log file names start with application name and have the extension “crash”.

    If you can find one, go to and send us an email. We'll get back to you and then you can send the file.

  101. @Anon: Oh and as for melee weapons... have to give it some thought. :)

  102. Kimmo
    anything about the official forums with link idea
    playhaven still refuses to load on my ipod touch
    and its taking me forever to read all these comments

    the crash can be avoided if your ipod freezes but does not turn white press te home button as fast as you can and it will exit game and save your kills and score

    you should make unique characters the ninja should run faster
    lizzy has extended beast mode
    sensai even has dual wielding machine guns

  103. i like what you did in making the bear different from other characters. you should do that with certain other characters such as giving jerry gore permanent grenades and having him have his own highscore list (like the bear does). also, i love the ninja's beast mode.

  104. Resuggesting exploding crates having the ability to upgrade as other weapons do.

    Increases in power and number of bullets in terms of penetration (like the shotgun bullet) kills and number of rings released per explosion.

    Crates seem weak now that other weapons are buffed

  105. You like the unique characters? Let's keep the suggestions coming for what their speciality should be, then.

    @SirDarkened: I prefer that someone else maintains the forums. This makes PlayHaven a good choice. Thus far the community has loaded fine on all of test devices, so we are still looking at what could be causing your problem.

  106. i think there shud be a robot character it would be awsome n he can only shoot lazers lol

    and gangster gore would be better if he had duel machine guns cause he would seem like a true gangster

    a flametrower would be cool

    also i know some of u guys wont agree with me on this but i still think they should add a pygmy

  107. o and kid gore doesnt really look like he gets hurt wen he is hit he only looses his glasses and hat there r no scratchs r cuts


  108. I'm having no problem with the bug?
    I had beast mode lvl 10 , then the items fell down. That was all. But I think you can get over the problem with two steps:
    If you recognize that the items may fall in a few moments and you are in beast mode, close the app, restart it then , after they fall (you're probably still in beast mode) try to "catch" one, so that the box explodes. I have no problems with that, and it helps. (It happened 2 times to me) ;)
    Have fun.
    @Mountain Sheep: Wonderful.. please get the E4 up FAST :)
    What do you think about the idea after clicking the "Play" Button to select a "Free Play" mode and a "Story" mode ?
    In Story mode, you unlock the characters for getting the wanted killpoints, and after you get the killpoints it unlocks automatically, I think that would make the game even more interesting, and if you don't want to play a whole story you have the Free Play mode:
    You just play as we already know it. :P

    Alright, see you soon !

    P.S. : Thanks to TheChosenOne :p

  109. I have recently gotten the Zombieville update and I think the creators of that game did a good job of giving each character his own characteristics, so this is what I'm thinking:
    John Gore: All around average (keep him the same)
    Jerry Gore: Slower movement but more rapid fire
    Zombieville Guy: ??? Maybe a fourth life but it return the machine gun is replaced with a slow fire automatic pistol or something
    Lizzy: Beast mode lasts twice as long but clovers are twice as rare
    Ninja Man: Faster movement a bit slower shooting
    Evan Hsu: Starts with dual machine guns but can't get any other weapons
    Enviro-Bear: Starts with Shot Gun but can't dual wield
    Xmas Gore: Starts with shotgun but only has two lives
    Sensei Evan: Starts with dual machine guns and furries are more likely to drop weapon upgrades as well (There's no downside to the master)
    Gangster Gore: More Clovers than weapons
    Kid Gore: ???
    Santa: More weapons are dropped than clovers


    I also think if you make a each character a special trait than the high scores should all be together not individual (like it is for Enviro Bear)

  110. Hey u guys need to fix Santa gore I don't know wat happened but his beastmode is messed up plus the first hit he getsmakes his hat demented fix that plus envirobears eyes in his beast mode

  111. Guys i cant believe that the first ranked reached 3290649224 points.

    Can you really reach so much points or is he/she cheating ?

  112. hey guys i really wanna see a pic of sensei evan. thanks.

  113. make it so the gun crates dont blow up so easily. perhaps make the furries just drop guns without the crates and when they do drop crates make it give you a random weapon.

  114. Ok guys 3.5 rocks. Finally some feel of power to play with. Dual wield ftw.

    My one very LARGE complaint... Why bother making new toons if you aren't going to make voiceovers for them? Remember clicking silly on Warcraft toons for different voiceovers? Fun, huh. ;) take their lead.

  115. I like the bears new white eyes And for individual abilities
    Gangsta Gore- duel wielding machine guns but there are less clovers
    Kid Gore- ????????
    Santa- Has realy long beast mode but If he has more than 3 clovers in 2 days he becomes(drugged) and loses a life while becoming slower (idk)
    John Gore- all around good
    Jerry Gore- Increased speed in machine gun but walks slower
    Lizzy- longer beast mode less clovers
    Ninja Man- Runs really fast and has a sameri sword but cant use weapons
    Zombieville- 4 lives but slower gun(like antheo said)
    Enviro Bear- Leave him with the unlimited ammo shotgun
    Santa Gore- more weapons drop less covers
    Sensei Evan- Unlimited ammo grenade laucher(I think u already made that not sure)

  116. i dont really agree with some of the abilitys listed above eg: the less clovers thing, slower guns and slow walking that would suck

  117. I think they're good ideas

  118. ye but people wouldnt get good scores with slow weapons etc

    also did any1 notice that they took away the torch in envio-bear survival

  119. You can play Kid Gore and Gangster Gore without purchasing the In-App-Purchase ^.^



  122. Some characters dont need negative stuff this is my opinion on what sound happen to the characters and why

    John Gore - same as now

    Jerry Gore- 4 lives gives starting people a boost to get more kills and he is a war veteran he should survive :)

    ZombieVille Guy - Weapon drop rate increased

    Lizzy - Extended beast mode

    Ninja man - Speed increase, he's a fast ninja!

    Evan Hsu - Permanent granade launcher

    Envirobear - the same

    Xmas Gore - increased rate of both weapons and clovers

    Sensai Evan - Ability to start with dual wielding anything shotty, grenade launcher, or machine gun

    Gangster Gore - Dual Machine guns

    Kid Gore - increased weapon drop rate

    Santa - Increased clover drop rate

    Thats my opinion they all get bonus but theres no need for cons if they all get good stuff whoever has permanent powered guns shouldnt dual wield thats all unless your Sensai Evan

    I finally got Playhaven to work I left ipod on community for 10 minutes and came back and it loaded

    app store takes like 30 seconds so idk

    wait until episode 5 for co-op I'd rather have unique characters

  123. i think jerry gore should have a gernade luancher

  124. and ninja should throw ninja stars

  125. your slacking chosen one I'm ahead of you on the leader boards ;) dun dun DUN

  126. They should have really cool special abilities not like extended beast mode and more like teleportation, blowing up and then reapearing unharmed, lazers, or traps. I can't complain if you don't include these or anything cool. Minigore is already my favorite app.
    Another thing that would be cool is if you had a character contest were participants create their own characters then send a drawing and description and you chose one or a few to become a character in the game. That would be awesome.

  127. It would be nice if there were a larger map and also terrain changes

  128. Talking about terrain, maybe there could be slopes, where uphill travel slows you down and vice versa

  129. okay, this is the problem i have- when i'm on around 15000 points, my ipod crashes and shuts down, it doesn't save the game and i lose all of my progress. It's not the ipods fault either as it is new. sort it out in an update, please.

  130. Wow, we posted alot of new ideas. :D
    -Free Play and Story mode
    -Different attributes for each character.
    -New, different maps
    -For co-op bigger maps
    -Xmas Gore fix * > beast mode <
    -Videorecording in the game itself (for 20-30 sec)
    -New Bosses: Invisible Wormwolf Boss in every 5th night ( you can only see him on the radar )
    -Zombie level for Zombieville Guy
    -Pick up things and throw ?
    -Protect yourself with smth. ?

    The ones with the question marks are not so necessary..
    (It's a conclusion of a lot of ideas posted here, and from my friends)


  131. New idea: (sry for double posting)

    You have the possibility to create your own character for 500.000 Kill points.
    Or you can create an own character, then play in story mode with him.

  132. I think Zombieville Guy should have more weapon bullets not what I said above

    Guns rank up to 100 you keep your gun rank i can help with names
    Ammo crates rank up as well

    Maps Themes
    Real ice map not this stupid coverup with penguin enemies
    Desert map cactus monsters
    Jungle map
    Haunted house/graveyard map zombies and skeletons

    New Characters
    Western character

    I would like to give back to Mountain Sheep in anyway I can I'm not a beta tester, but I have tons of ideas if your willing to listen
    I've also got all of my family to buy your game (10 people) not everyone has itouch unfortunately

    For the forum the fans pretty much run the Defender Chronicles forum as the admins have gone on two week break

    You would just have to stop by to read comments and post about new builds etc.

    If you need any beta testers for Hardgore I would love to help if not its fine ;)

    Keep up the good work

  133. ye i would love to be a beta tester for hard gore aswell

    or minigore if u have any open spaces

    o and i agree with the create your own character idea

  134. At least Lizzy and Ninja guy should say an "Oh No!" as they do in Sway.

  135. create our own character would be awesome..

  136. All of these extra characters are fantastic! What we need now are new enemies besides furries and new maps!


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  138. Spam Much


  139. Oh and I just looked at that, that was an image from before the game was even released nothing special......... Congratulations though on covering half the comment section


  140. Heres what I think all the characters hould do:

    John Gore: Same

    Jerry Gore: Starts out with all the guns lvl 10(not beast mode) (hes a war veteran more experience with guns)

    ZombieVille Guy: Weapon Drop Rate increased

    Lizzy: Extended beast mode

    Ninja: Speed increase(maybe 25%)

    Evan Hsu: (awhile ago it was mentioned that you could tell which furries are coming by which color would be around them, since he has glasses I think this would be the perfect time to incorporate that(just for him though))

    Envirobear: same

    Xmas Gore: starts out with lvl 10 beast mode

    Sensai Evan: Starts with grenade launcher

    Gangster Gore: Dual Machine guns

    Kid Gore: 4 lives (since hes young and all, should have more vitality)

    Santa - Increased clover drop rate


  141. Chosen, best thing ive seen so far. +1 to ur ideas

    Self character customization will be quite complex, i think it should be laid back until the big stuff comes through.

    After all this while, while attempting to get sensei evan, i realised (not all of you may feel the same way), that why is evan the most expensive character to unlock? I mean, yea he did win the tagline contest, get 1 character inside the game, but having him as the top dog makes the game seem like the Evan Hsu Game.

    You know, usually top unlockables have something to do with the game itself

  142. Then they will just have to come out with

    KING gore - king of all hardland has every ability all other characters have
    cost 10,000,000

  143. hey "chosen one", two things,
    1. your name is stupid
    2. you dont have to write "----TheChosenOne" after every post, you know you can select "Name/URL" from the "comment as:" menu and just put in "TheChosenOne" as your name without a URL. Its not that i care that much, but you look like a dumbass putting "----TheChosenOne" after every post you make.

  144. Hey buddy who thinks there a smartass

    This is a free comment section if he wants to put
    ---TheChosenOne after every post he can so back off

    If you think he should do that why do you put your self as anonymous hmm?

    Also you clearly care to be pointing it out so your a liar for saying "Its not that I care that much".

    And his name isn't stupid yours is for not having one.

    Stop judging people because there better than you at a game and he did nothing wrong to you as well so seriously just screw off we don't need people like you playing this game

  145. You should add NORMAL mode (the same it is now) and SPECIAL mode (every character would have some special abilities). Would make it balanced.

    And for hardgore: make a way to upgrade range, sight (can see more of the map, etc etc...

    Some character changes that haven't been said:
    lizzy: when dualwielding the movement stick is also to aim the left weapon.

    Zombieville: can storage ammo (ammo notifier thing gets longer) and more crates appear.

    Gangster: first crate he gets goes to the left hand leaving him dualwielding a machinegun + spes weapon. Second crate then replaces the machinegun.

    Sensei: dual machineguns or infinite grenade launcher at start. When he picks up a crate he dualwields the weapon he got (if he gets shotgun he gets 2 shotguns) like doubles them.

  146. hey "chosen one", two things,
    1. His name is actually pretty badass, at least he uses a title
    2. It's called staying Anonymous but having an alias dumbfuck

  147. @Kimmo or Timo

    I have the 3 crash files, I sent you the email thing, hopefully you can get back to me so I can send them to you.

  148. Ok,
    Lets stop being silly, and end all conflict . (:

    So when's Mrs. Gore comming into this ?
    And , I think it would be badass to have like, a professor gore, and he's the reason the furries were born .

    [-Other Gores-]

    -Jocky Gore (Big, Football Clothing , ect. )
    -Nerdy Gore (Huge Glasses,Slicked back hair)
    -King Gore (Huge Crown, Jewels)
    -RedNeck Gore (Plaid Shirt, Toothpick,Bandana)
    - Waldo Gore (Red & White Striped Outfit)

    [-Other Specail Characters-]

    -Pygmy from pocket god, (Would be a little to make)
    -Doodle (Doodle Jump)
    -A Knight (From Knights Onrush)
    -Monkey (Miniclip's Monkey Kick)
    -A sneezie (Sneezies)
    -G ( Invaders)

    Obviously some of these would be hard to get, because you have to make deals with the companies and all ,

  149. Nikkasaur,

    Not trying to break your roll or anything, but pygmy and doodles get scratched off that list, also when naming more members of the gore family, at least give them real names, i mean we dont call jerry gore, old man gore or soldier gore.


  150. Everyone keeps suggesting new characters which is cool, but isn't it time we move on? I want more weapons (a flamethrower for example), new maps (graveyard, snow, desert, etc), and bad guys. I know they have stuff in the works, I just want to know what and when!

  151. If 3,5 came in 1 month I'll say episode 4 is out (approved) in 1,5 months. Hope so atleast ;)

    this WILL come:
    -new openfeint (I think it's 2,5 with multiplayer support)
    -bug fixes (no more paid characters for free)

    what MAY come:
    -new maps
    -more enemies
    -fourth weapon (maybe they are looking into melee...)
    -special abilities for characters
    -more voiceovers?
    -maybe even more characters...

    With 3,5 came dualwielding so 4 should have something as big.

    Did I miss something?

  152. I found a kind of cheat you could call it. If you start on normal mode and get a ton of clovers and weapons when you change to insane mode you keep the bonuses that you have already gotten on weapons and the clovers stay were they where that way you have a huge clover combo and strong weapons to start insane mode. Tell me what you think

    Also you might want to rectify this is could get a little unfair


  153. @Bonestack: New map isn't "maybe" coming it's REALLY coming. How do I know that? You know that when you choosing characters and you select Xmas Gore, Santa or Kid Gore you can see icon between "Back" and "Play" button which shows map that you'll get if you choose that character. Since I'm playing a little with Minigore textures I found one texture that you can't see in game. That texture is icon that represents map with zombies. How am I so sure? This isn't first time they left texture or 3d model that will show up in next update, they (MS) did also with v1.11 where they left 3d model of grenade and texture of grenade's explosion!!!
    Here's the proof (of coming map):

    Also, voiceovers are coming. Timo said that next characters that will get voices are Evan and Egoraptor (yes he's coming too).

  154. @OzzY

    I'm guessing you have a jailbroken Ipod with iFile if I remember correctly, it allows you to see all the textures in a game currently.

    For the game I beta test there are tons of cool unused stuff (Fire and Poison wands) etc., but they are not going to be implimented in the game.

    Therefore don't take pictures as law.

    Sorry to burst your little amazing rampage heh.

  155. @SirDarkened: Yes I have JB'd iPod but iFile? I heard for it but never downloaded or used. I open textures on PC since I'm sure there isn't any iPod (iPhone) program hat actually can open PVR textures (the image I uploaded is converted to PNG). I'm not talking about beta version of game, I'm talking about final version of Minigore (v 1.1) that contained WeaponGrenade.pod and texture (GameAtlas.pvr) which came in v 1.20. And they did the same with v 1.25 (left zombie map icon).

    @Timo or Kimmo: While episode 2 was in development we could see on this blog picture of Minigore characters from ep. 4, so we knew in advance that there will be further episodes. But now we don't see or hear anything about ep. 5. Does it mean that Minigore franchise ends with ep. 4 (I'm not talking about Hardgore).

  156. Who knows, but with the Full version you can see the Fire wand and Poison wand.

    I know there not coming out BECAUSE I'm a beta tester. Now do I make more sense?

    ;) Nice high score btw I'm going to add you on open feint we can chat there OR if you have skype add me we can talk more.

    Skype : SoDarkened

  157. You don't need to believe me but on TA you can see that new map IS coming in ep. 4. PERIOD.

    I don't have skype and I don't mind chat with you but I don't have Wi-Fi source anywhere near me (READ MY PREVIOUS POSTS) so I rarely use OF. My highscore in ep. 3.5 is over 300k and I can't upload it for now.

  158. Oh no I'm not disagreeing, but if nothing comes or if what you think doesn't come then don't be disappointed although something is probably coming

    I thought TheChosenOne had Wi-Fi issues... my bad. There is a lot of comments now heh causes some confusion.

    Still if you get the chance I'm more than willing to chat.

    Skype is both an app and also on the pc

  159. just an idea but Galcon is a great game , it might seem stupid but it would be cool to play as a planet and shoot ships lol , I agree with perks for each character and make your own character similiar to how you make characters on GTA IV online , and you rank up for killing furries , or the kill count you have ,w/e, and you unlock more options for customization , it would be like

    options would be like

    Facial Hair-1/10
    Hair Style-1/10
    Hair Color-/25

    but you start out with 5 options of each and unlock 3 each rank

  160. I have an idea, ROCKER JOHN GORE!!!! unleash the \m/ (devil horns) and rocker gore's beast mode engages! pretty sweet idea just sayin lol. John Gore, the headbanger, did John Gore used to be a roadie for a famous band perphaps?

  161. something BIG like a mini map a Nuclear bomb having different weapons so you van change them. Speed crates and attack boost crates. And since valentines day is coming Cupid

  162. (on a computer) right click minigore and select "open the containing folder" or something like that and copy(!) minigore to the desktop. Then change the fileextension to .zip or .rar and open it with a unzipper and voila you can browse the files inside it. ;) but you should try ifile, it's shareware (most features free).
    Oh and to my previus post of course multiplayer is the big thing of 4.0 and will likely be the only one

    Cool. I'm pretty sure that map is coming in the next update because I've seen that pic of the map before. (it's probably zombieville guys map). I didn't find any more hints of new stuff when browsing it...

  163. An other cool feature would be changing ur weapon.

    Right uper corner on your screen should be the icons of your weapons and with touching, you can change the weapon. But the problem is the dual welding...

  164. The map is for everyone not just the zombieville guy cuz his app has zombies. They been planning the zombie thing for a long time before zombieville guy came.

  165. you guys are getting a little too absessed with the characters. you dont have to agree with me, but personally id like to see new maps before new characters. and by new maps i mean maps that have actual obstacles or perhaps different types of enemies, not just a different skin like the snow map.

  166. *obsessed

  167. when you go to check your highscores, is it supposed to show ep 1 scores. cause mine shows my bear scores, ep 3.5 scores, ep 3 scores, and ep 2 scores, but no ep 1 scores. (and i had minigore in ep 1)

  168. If Minigore ever got deleted off your iPod like mine did, the scores are lost forever. So that would explain why you don't have scores for episode 1. Openfeint should include a way to save every score.

  169. What I mean is a mini map. Like the one on the screen that shows where your located and where the monsters are.

  170. just a quick real suggestion,
    add differences between characters, change the speed, ammo, rate of fire, range, dash, beast mode, crate/clover drop rate.
    and more enemies.

  171. ugh lame suggestions so i'll try my hand at bat...

    Jerry Gore...
    1. start off 1 level higher on weapons so instead of starting lvl 1 he starts at lvl 2
    2. let him keep his helmit till he looses 2 lives
    (cas its cool)
    John Gore...
    1. keep him the same
    2. keep him the same
    Gangster Gore.
    1. like the double machine gun idea...rly gangster...not gangsta...gangster
    2. no nerfing the clover drop rates (so keep him the same but double machine guns)
    Zombievil guy...
    1. slight increase on weapon drops
    2. a starting level bonus on shotgun like jerry
    3. grunting every now and then and possibly farting when he gets hit?
    1. starting bonus on gernade launcher because it's scientificly proven santa likes gernades
    2. slightly longer beast mode
    3. better life animations, because its hard to tell what life you are on
    4. he gets better buffs because he costs $$ simple economics
    1. longer beast mode
    1. idk hes prity tough as is right now
    Xmas Gore...
    1. Shotgun bonus lvl so he starts 1 to 2 lvls higher than normaly
    2. lower the kill demand
    1. Voiceover
    2. Voiceover
    3. make him kinda like kid gore voice but make it fit...
    sensai Evan...
    1. voiceover (idk if he has one i dont have him)
    2. Starting weapon bonuses so he starts out 2-3 lvls higher on both weapons and beast mode
    last but not least...
    1. voiceover, hes a silent ninja but have him say things like "hooo" or like "hiya!!" every now and then
    2. movement bonus
    3. possibly if possible a jump
    ok...forgot kid gore
    1. small movement bonus like ninja
    2. movement bonus on beast mode too, cas hes hyper on all those clovers

    one thing id like to perpose too
    Beast mode...make like one of those naruto type explosions where a ring of smoke blasts all furries around him in a small radius when you run out of clover power, so you dont loose a life on the higher levels

  172. also i ssecond whoever suggested the story mode and freeplay mode idea...makes sence

  173. @Sine No prob:)

    @Micer Thanks:D

    @SirDarkened HAhahhaha Gracias

    @anthonygiard haha thanks bro

    @anonymous your too dumb to make fun of so ill hold my breath

    @Ozzy Im at 80k right now, but ill probably be playing more in a couple days so watch out Im coming :)


  174. @Sableye: I didn't read your post (it's too long) but I like the way you think about Jerry's helmet. Do you have TA account because I'm willing to share tutorial how to replace some of your game files with files that I modified (yes Jerry has helmet on 1st and 2nd health stage. First stage helmet is military green an 2nd is military white. :-)

    Also whoever wants modified Jerry just let me know!!!

    @EVERYONE WHO WANT'S CUSTOM CHARACTERS: In this version of Minigore engine it's not possible to make custom chars because each of in-game 3D models is file for itself. E.G. each health is different *.pod file, and beast modes of Gangster Gore, John and Xmas Gore are different *.pod files even if the difference is only hat.

    CAN ANYONE CHECK Minigore 3.5 leaderboards for both modes (EB Survival and common) and let me know because I can't doit myself (my well known Wi-Fi issue).

  175. ok ozzy i could do with a modified jerry how do i get it

  176. @rooteboy: I'll make a thread on TA, and I'll upload modified files so you can replace it. I'll do it when I have time. I'll let ya guys know.

  177. Still no music in night mode and worst, almost all characters have no voice. So I only play with John ...

  178. the character specialty are split with pros and cons:
    john gore: pros: more ammo from crate weapons,cons : shorter dash.
    jerry gore : higher crate drop rate. cons : slightly slower.
    zombieville guy : pros : the crates that come after night fall on him or easier for him to pick up crates (maybe longer range to get them or they dont explode). cons : less clover drop rate.
    lizzy : pros : longer/faster dash when hit. cons : loses 2 lives if hit from the face.
    ninja man : pros : faster. cons : less ammo.
    evan hsu : pros : longer range (can hit enemys that are off screen). cons : crates explode faster from him.
    enviro-bear : pros : has infinite shotgun. cons : slightly slower.
    xmas gore : pros : infinite grenade launcher. cons : only 1 (or 2) lives.
    sensai evan : pros :dual machine guns. cons : no way. 1million kills guy has no cons.
    and add the mannequin from stair dismount (secret exit) as a new character. (they were in programing in the credits)

  179. I dunno about you guys but I find the game gets pretty boring especially if u play past 50 000 or so. We need some stuff happening as you play further to spice up the game. Any thoughts

  180. @ ozzy
    ok but wat does TA mean ????

    why would we want cons with any character that would suck

    and i gota idea for a new character
    - the monkey from bloons :)

  181. @ rooteboy

    TouchArcade or

  182. @Anyone

    If you'd like to skype about minigore or anything in general I'm up for it.

    Skype : SoDarkened

    I'm pretty bored atm playing Inotia 1

  183. OMG! dual wielding=EPIC

    best iphone/itouch game ever

    BUT I WAS DOING SO WELL AND MY IPOD CRASHED!!! THIS IS NOT THE FIRST TIME THIS GAME HAS CRASHED MY IPOD!!!!!! every time i get my score like passed 12000 my ipod crashes pleaaasseee fix :'(

  184. @ Griffin
    I've sent them my crash logs... kimmo got back to me about why it was crashing.

    Fix is in the works I guess ;)

  185. @ahmed their shouldnt be any cons not only because it would suck but it would be harder to program

    @ Ozzy regular 3.5 the highscore is 253964
    and Envriobear is 289904


  186. @rootboy the monkey should be the super monkey on bloons td so he can shot out darts as fast as the machine gun and when in beast mode he shoots lazers fromhis eyes


  187. Ok instead of speacial abilities let's have differant weapons for every character special abilities would be nice but at least have differant weapons for every one suggestions--- laser gun= shoots one laser that cuts threw furrys in one strait line--- flame thrower= bluer flame then other flames like on torch--- bazooka=rockets that are fast but seek the groups of furries and kaboom--- throwing stars= little slower then machine gun but goes threw multiple furries--- other weapons not spesiphicly for individual characters mines melée weapons bombs that r timed that u role into furries


  188. cons aren't necessary, just for balancing.

  189. @ Griffin

    Do you have a JB Ipod ?

  190. Almost 200 comments ;)

  191. Does anyone know what the stars mean on the bottom right of the character select screen? I have 2 highlighted stars out of five.

  192. hey guys, cheers for the great game. awesome.
    how bout a way to replenish health as well, like maybe have pickups which have a low likelihood of dropping from furries?
    story or mission mode would be amazing
    customisable character which you unlock for a ridiculous number of kills, like ten million, but then can pick from mix and match pieces to create?
    also, idk if this is even possible, but unlimited multiplayer would be fun. no challenge, but fun, that is if you could have as many people as you want over bluetooth in the one map playing

    cheers for the great game

  193. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



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Episode 5

Minigore: Episode 5 iconElder Gore AI partner.
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Penguin Mob squad.
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Minigore: Episode 3 iconAVAILABLE! (v4.0) Local co-op multiplayer over wi-fi. Elder Gores. New voice files.

Episode 3 (update 9): Thanksgiving Episode

Minigore: Episode 3 iconAVAILABLE! (v1.293) White Gangster Gore. Encyclopedia with 3 pages. Bug fixes.

Episode 3 (update 8): Halloween Episode

Minigore: Episode 3 iconAVAILABLE! (v1.292) Undead Jenny Gore. Game Center support. New scoring system with multipliers. iPod Touch 4G support. Graphical improvements. Remade snow level. Health indicator hearts.

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Minigore: Episode 3 iconAVAILABLE! (v1.291) Bug fixes. Retina display support and faster framerate for iPhone 4.

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Minigore: Episode 3 iconAVAILABLE! (v1.271) Fixed critical bugs.

Episode 3 (update 3): Zombie Episode

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Episode 3 (update 2): New Year's Episode

Minigore: Episode 3 iconAVAILABLE! (v1.26) New guest star character: Hook Champ. Special traits for Gangster Gore (machine gun dual-wielding), Sensei Evan (grenade launcher dual-wielding) and Sway's Ninja Man (long sprint when damaged). Improved character and environment animation. Major bug fixes.

Episode 3 (update 1): New Year's Episode

Minigore: Episode 3 iconAVAILABLE! (v1.25) Gangster Gore. New guest stars: Lizzy, Ninja Man and Zombieville Guy. Dual wielding. Kid Gore redux. OpenFeint 2.4.

Episode 3: Christmas Episode

Minigore: Episode 3 iconAVAILABLE! (v1.20) Wormwolf, the boss unit. Day/night cycle. Grenade launcher. Upgradeable weapons. A full roster of additional characters including Santa.

Episode 2 (update 1): Thousands of them... one of you

Minigore: Episode 2 iconAVAILABLE! (v1.11) Improved Furry Sense, extended battle music, flip screen/update freeze bug fixed, OpenFeint 2.2 and minor fixes.

Episode 2: Thousands of them... one of you

Minigore: Episode 2 icon
AVAILABLE! (v1.1) Furry Sense, a third health with a headband, automatic save and restore of game state, two achievements (expert and insane mode), giant firefurry, normal firefurry, new death animations, new sound effects and voice acting, minor gameplay fixes, major bug fixes, OpenFeint 2.1 and a drastically improved shotgun.

Episode 1: Tiny creatures, giant adventure

Minigore: Episode 1 iconAVAILABLE! (v1.0) Four furries, two weapons, beast mode, voice-acting and lots more.